Cotton Soft Towel Automatic Middle Packing Machine WBP-M
Automatic packaging machine for sanitary napkin, nursing pad, cotton soft towel cotton tissue production line

Detailed introduction

Packing effect picture


Cotton Soft towel Machine Features

1.This machine is used for packaging of soft paper.It is an automatic packaging machine that integrates bag,bagging and sealing.It has blowing function and can blow off the tailings.The sealing effect is beautiful and neat.

2.It adopts advanced PLC computer programming control,touch screen 

display parameters,convenient setting and more precise temperature control.

3.Speed is faster,save labor,reduce productions cost,improve production efficiency.

Sanitary Napkin, Nursing Pad middle packaging machine features

1.feed push-rod device

2.PLC integrated control

3.Automatic suction and bagging

4.Creative film cutting knife with smooth sealing and tailing suction device

5.Suitable for product types:Flat stacking of single package products,square corner sealing packaging

Cotton Soft towel Machine Technical parameters

Cotton soft towel middle Packing machine
Air pressure0.6MPA
Total power0.75kw
Packing sizeL:180-400mmW:120-300mm
Machine Size2900mm*1100*1500mm
Packaging Speed5-7 packages/min

Sanitary Napkin, Nursing Pad middle packaging machine Technical parameters

Sanitary napkin middle Packing machine
Air pressure0.6MPA
Total power3kw
Packing sizecustomized
Machine Size3800mm*1500*1700mm
Packaging Speed20 packages/min

RFQ-How to get quotation

FQ-How to get quotation

1.single package size:length*width*height(mm)



2.Seal Form


3.Packing type

Single packaging or Combined packaging(1x2,2x3,2x5,4x5,4x6...)


4.Into the bag method

By hand or Automatic?

5.Packaging Speed

How many bags per minitue?

6.packaging bag type

packaging bag type.jpg

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