professional liquid vertical flow packing machine for honey potato pasta
vertical flow wrapping machine is for packing strip-shaped small bags of powder.such as honey,tomato paste,bean juice and water

Detailed introduction

Technical Parameter

Product nameAutomatic powderPacking machineAutomatic granulesPacking machineAutomatic pastePacking machine
Fill capacity1-50
Bag size(mm)20-100(w)*40-140(L)
Metering deviceScrewCupPlunger pump
Power voltage220v,50HZ  1.2KW
Air compressure0.5-0.7MPA
Gas consumption0.1m³/min0.3m³/min
Cutting devicePheumatic punching
Film max diameter350mm
Weight kg320300290
Machine Size mm1100*900*1900850*1250*1900850*1670*1850

4 side seal packing machine for honey tomato paste

small bag honey packing machine.jpg

sachet bag packing machine details 1.jpg

back seal honey packing machine.jpg

3 side seal bag packing machine for honey.jpg


1.It can produce round corners,flat strips,easy to tear,and the bags can make beautiful sealing and neat edges.It is suitable for high-value products,such as collagen,protein,probiotics and so on.

2.The knife turning machine can make a variety of bag types such as flat mouth,sawtooth and easy to tear mouth.It is suitable for health products,cereal meal substitute powder,probiotics and other products

3.The configuration of knife inserting machine is slightly higher.The sealing is serrated sealing,PLC controller and pneumatic sealing.It is relatively stable and easy to operate.It only needs to click the display screen,which has low requirements for operators.

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