Medical infusion bag pillow reciprocating packing machine WBZW-G
WBZW series reciprocating packaging machine is especially pack more compact packaging bag,thicker packaging films and higher sealing requirements product

Detailed introduction

Advantages for reciprocating packaging machine

Reciprocating packaging machine adopts four-axis servo control, and introduces reciprocating end sealing and cutting technology, which has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and high stability, and uses touch screen to make the operation simpler and more intuitive. The packaging machine has the characteristics of improving the speed for the 0.064mm thick aluminum-plastic film: the bottom sealing part adopts double heating (single preheating in the middle sealing part+single opening and closing double-wheel heating mode) to ensure the requirements of sealing air tightness and sealing quality. Reciprocating end sealer, round end sealer turning track can increase the sealing distance by 20-40mm, which is an effective end sealer at present. 

Applicable Packaging Materials


PVC film.jpg

Thick BOPP Thick Pvc

Main Specification

ModelFilm WidthOutput speedA-pack lenghtB-pack widthC-pack height

Technical Parameter

Serial numberNameparameter
1Maximum film width450mm
2Inner hole diameter of film roll75mm
3Packing speed50-260 bags/min (will be ordered according to factors such as packaging and film thickness)
4Bag length cutting length110-160mm
5Product packaging width30-180mm
6Product packaging height4—55mm
7Total power220V—380V    10KW
8Gas sourceAir consumption : 0.15 cubic/min, air pressure : 0.5-0.7MPa
9Equipment dimensionsLength 4230mm×Width 1120mm×Height 1465mm
10equipment weight1500KG


Designed for easy use of all machine parts, the product has good visibility in the production process. The operation is highly optimized, so that operators can effectively perform their functions. This advantage, together with the size parts designed for rapid model change, realizes the rapid conversion of different sizes and specifications. Ergonomic design can also easily change the film reel. The transparent safety shield provides noise protection, which simplifies the process supervision and meets the high standards and strict requirements for safety. The design meets the specific requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP) on hygiene, clearance of production line and verification.

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