perfume cosmetic box overwrapping machine WBG400
vertical type overwrapping machine can realize single box packaging and combination packaging of toothpaste,soap,
perfume box, and the adjustable mold saves time and improves efficiency.
it is good for small business or low investment business

Detailed introduction


The machine is used for test paper, cosmetics, medicines, food, health care products, audio-visual products, stationery, daily necessities and other three-dimensional plastic packaging of the outer cover transparent film (the packaging effect is the same as that of cigarettes).

Main Features

1. The equipment can adopt PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface operation platform.

2. Fault diagnosis prompt, complete safety protection.

3. The equipment automatically sends and cuts the film, the automatic wrapping, the automatic sealing, the automatic pulling belt, the speed, the length is adjustable continuously, may pack the different specification product.

4. The cylinder and CAM are combined to drive; The electric cabinet and equipment are equipped with lighting.

5. The technical indicators of the whole machine meet the requirements of GMP certification and industry standards.

6. Anti-counterfeiting easy to pull wire.

7. The  CAM  material  is  made  of  high-quality  ductile  iron  and  then  quenched  (the  surface hardness  is  50-55).  The  panel  and  shell  are  made  of  1.5mm  thick  304  stainless  steel  and transported to 304 stainless steel with aluminum alloy. The outer surface is treated with matte.

Main Specification

Packing Size(50-220) mm × (25- 110) mm × ( 15-60) mm
Production Capacity40-80 packs / min
Total Power5kw
Working Voltage220V
Air Consumption5-8L/min
Air Compressure0.4-Mpa
Machine Weight500kg

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